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Recollections of the Florida Reverse Mortgage Seminar

The Senior Women’s Calendar is well known for organizing free educative seminars on reverse mortgage options. Among the list of our just concluded reverse mortgage seminars was the Senior Women’s Calendar reverse mortgage seminar held in Orlando, Florida. The event took place in the conference hall of the prestigious Rounds Hotel. There were 120 women in attendance as well as a number of Florida lender representatives.  

The seminar featured four speakers who discussed various aspects of reverse mortgages. The first speaker was a representative of the Senior Women’s who welcomed the participants and declared the seminar opened. She also briefly discussed on the objectives of Senior Women’s Calendar and the purpose for the seminar. 

The second speaker was Mrs. Shirley Matlock from Town and Country Mortgage Lenders.  She is a seasoned expert on reverse mortgages and her speech was based on the growing presence of instant online internet quote calculators on the web. She explained how seniors can use these reverse mortgage calculator so get an idea if reverse mortgages are even for them, before even approaching a counselor.

Next was Professor Melanie from the Insurance and Mortgage Business School. She spoke passionately on the features of reverse mortgages which included its benefits, how to apply and the associated disadvantages. She gave information on the requirments and how to apply reverse mortgage loan. She also highlighted the cost associated with applying for reverse mortgages. Her speech was meant to expose not just the benefits but also the negative features of reverse mortgage. 

Next was a speaker who gave an informative speech on how to select reverse mortgage brokers. She explained the application options that could be followed. Why use or not use a reverse mortgage broker and how to identify and select the right reverse Mortgage Company. She ended the seminar by conducting a 45minutes interactive question and answer section. At the end of the seminar the 120 women that registered to participate left better informed and armed to make sound reverse mortgage decisions. The seminar lasted for almost four hours with a 30 minutes recess.


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